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Photo by Jon Durr/Getty Images Red Cross of Eastern Missouri Cindy Erickson says there were 180 homes damages in Perryville, MO last nite. Text Red Cross 90999 1800-Red Cross www.RedCross.Org
Photo by Luke Sharrett/Getty Images Doug McElway and Marc Cox discuss the possible changes to ACA
Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo - PoolGetty Images David Horowitz lays out Trump's plans which include Keystone XL, amnesty, Supreme Court appointments, Obamacare.
Photo by Jim Lo Scalzo - PoolGetty Images Rachel Bovard and Marc discuss Trump's speech in front of Congress. Marc is concerned about an increase in the budget and how will the President's plan be paid for?
Credit: Alex Wong / Staff Watching the Democrats protest and whine last night at President Trump's joint address has Kevin Jackson furious. "If you are a Democrat and watched Trump say something pro-America and you chose to sit on your butt, shame on you," Jackson explained...
Credit: Alex Wong / Staff Genevieve Wood gives her take on President Trump's speech to Congress. "He talked about the things he promised on the campaign and basically gave an update report," Wood explained. Listen to interview below:
Credit: Rich Polk / Stringer Even loony lib. Van Jones couldn't say anything bad about President Trump's speech to Congress. "He became President of the United States in that moment," Jones said. Watch in awe below: