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News Director Jason Church - Ice Bucket Challenge

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News Director Jason Church

You’ve probably been noticing more and more videos in your Facebook feed lately, that all end in the subject being doused with ice water.  This isn’t just another growing trend…nope…this is The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. 

The way it works is simple.  If you’ve been called out to participate, you have a choice:

1) Donate $100 to ALS research. 

2) Take the ice bucket challenge. 

Using the latter option, the hope is that the viral nature of the videos will help spread the word about what ALS is and how people can help.  Our News Director, Jason Church, was called out by a few Facebook friends, including a college friend whose father had passed away due to complications from ALS. 

In his honor, Church decided not only to donate, but to also make this video to help spread the word.  Watch as a surprise guest gets to douse Church with a cooler-full of ice water…and please share!

For more information on ALS, please click here.

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