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NBC Reporter: It Helps That Obama Is From Kenya


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NBC’s Jansing on Obama Meeting African Leaders: Helps That ‘He’s from Kenya’

NBC White House Correspondent Chris Jansing appeared on MSNBC’s The Reid Report today with a report on President Obama at the U.S.-African Leaders Summit. Unfortunately, there was just one tiny little problem with what she said: she accidentally said that the president’s from Kenya.


In talking about the White House hopes for Africa becoming part of Obama’s legacy, Jansing said, “Yeah, the fact that he’s from Kenya, and that fact that when he was elected there were expectations from the African continent that he would do great things for them.”

Ten minutes later, when Jansing was back on-air, she clarified that she had misspoken and meant to say Obama’s father was from Kenya.

Watch Jansing’s initial report, followed by her retraction minutes later, here, via MSNBC:

Yeah that isn't right, maybe she should do some research.