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Hillary Clinton on The Daily Show Last Night


July 15, 2014 - Jon Stewart Interviews Hillary Clinton - FULL Interview ---- Hillary Clinton sat down with Jon Stewart tonight and they hit on a whole range of topics from income inequality to the morass of federal government bureaucracy to 2016 FEVER!!! Stewart credited Clinton's book as a fascinating insight into the Obama administration before saying, "No one cares, they just want to know if you're running for president."

Stewart put Clinton through a mock presidential career aptitude test in which she joked she would love an office with not that many corners. Stewart asked, "Do you enjoy constant, non-stop criticism?" Clinton replied, "Enjoy is probably the wrong word."

Stewart brought up the infamous "dead broke" comment, and Clinton admitted it was an "inartful use of words." She said she's worried about young people now not having the same opportunities and brought up income inequality, which Stewart half-jokingly suggested as an obvious sign she's running for president.