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Anthem – Ricochet 520 Spaceman – The Killers 535 Close to Me – The Cure 550 Gong Up the Country – Canned Heat 620 Closer – The Urge 650 I Will Wait – Mumford & Sons 720 My Body – Young the Giant 750 It’s Bad You Know – R.L. Burnside 820 Taxi Cab – Vampire Weekend 835 Into...
Jamie and Senator Talent discuss the escalating issue of immigration and border control.
Whoopi Goldberg kills her own point that words hurt when she says will Cain is speaking like a true white guy... Whoopi as a black claims she's persecuted but then automatically stereotypes the white guy: (2:19) CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
White House hypocritical on pay gap as brought out by reporter... Michelle Kosinski CNN: