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Chris Hayes inadvertently proves that mainstream media is liberal....and that fox news ratings are due to people realizing that....and talk radio helping people choose balanced coverage..ha ha ha
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Josh Hawley of Missouri Liberty Project - King v. Burwell is the Supreme Court case regarding Obamacare. The case was scheduled for oral arguments last week. Josh submitted a brief in the case, and is able to offer insight into what the case could mean for Missouri.
Did you hear the former Sec. of State try to discuss her e-mails? Jamie breaks it all down for you..
James Halperin mocks Hillary--as does john Heilemann from"With All Due Respect" Hillary's big, tough questioning at women's conference two weeks ago involved her choice of phone device... she said she likes two.
Megyn Kelly great interview with Issac hill from the OU black student association... Watch the latest video at
Good to be a white officer and white perps... or this would look differently.....(NSFW)
Hillary: eye rolling I'm just a cavewoman schtick .She says Secret service was guarding her email. You can also mark this as one of there last times Hillary mentions her husband. We miss Phil Hartman