Allman's Electric Stove

First, Geraldo calls him, "annoying." Then Bernie isn't taking it from Andrea Mitchell:
Carnegie Vanguard High School’s one act play had a little something for everyone: depictions of male-on-male rape, male-on-female rape, filthy language, on-stage urination, and an actress who simulated wiping her private parts at center stage. Oh yes, there was also a scene...
How close is too close? Are people getting closer to tornadoes than ever before? Great for pictures and video? This high school couple was photo-bombed by this tornado... Full story, HERE .
Her name is Snow. She's a chicken. A clever caller pointed out this woman is likely pro-choice.
You didn't build that! Actually, this time he told a group of Howard University graduates they aren't special. Also, what in the world is with his accent ?
In this effective new campaign ad, the Trump camp points out the flat-out-lie Hillary told about the attacks in Benghazi. She maintains time and time again the attacks were caused by a video and well...
See how the numbers break down in this rolling poll from Reuters. View updated poll, HERE .
Doug Giles is back with another helping of edgy commentary. This week he and Jamie discuss his column, "Dear #NeverTrumpers: This Column MIGHT Convert You (Proceed with CAUTION)."
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