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Credit: Getty Images Jamie has Jim Talent on #AITM to discuss predictions for Sunday's debate and who will speak louder to the undecided voters. Listen to the interview below:
Credit: Getty Images Stacy on the Right digs up some dirt on Michelle Obama talkin crap on Clinton in 2008. "I've always said Clinton couldn't control one part of the Gov. how could she control the whole thing, turns out Michelle Obama said the same exact thing in 2008,"...
Associate Producer Katie Bailey is at it again with another Minute with Millennials project. Since it is getting closer and closer to election day it seemed like the right time to get the millennial perspective on who they are voting for and why. Check out the video below:
Credit: Getty Images Jim Carafano speaks with Jamie about his recent trip to Malaysia! Watch video below:
Credit: Getty Images Fox News Shepard Smith says "Your Kids Die Too" when trying to explain the terror of Hurricane Matthew. You may have taken it too far Smith... Watch video below:
Allman in the Morning executive producer Tricia "Pippy" Siekmann, associate producer Katie Bailey and executive producer of The Dave Glover Show Rachel Zimmerman go on a little adventure to The Darkness in Soulard. This oughta be good! Watch the girls freak out below:
Good morning this morning and happy Friday! Watch #AITM live and local! Watch the show: Today's Show Sheet: 648 Jim Carafano 722 Stacy Washington 810 Jim Talent 837 Maria Bartiromo
Credit: Getty Images Why did Kennedy get into it with Gov. Bill Weld on her show last night? Find out in the interview below:
Credit: Getty Images National Anthem - US Marine Corp Band 522 Sound and Vision - David Bowie 535 Black Soap - Ex Cops 548 Bad Decisions - Two Door Cinema Club 610 Every Other Freckle - Alt-J 622 Shots - Imagine Dragons 635 Closer - The Urge 648 Stone In Love - Journey 710 Take...