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Dumb CNN anchoress gets her rear handed to her by Joan rivers... (1:49 have some shock value to you...) Photo by
Anthem – US Navy 520 Thrash Unreal – Against Me! 535 Giants – Bear Hands 550 Smile Like You Mean It – The Killers 620 Dragula – Rob Zombie 650 Talking in Your Sleep –The Romantics, She’s So Cold – The Rolling Stones 720 Stay Young, Go Dancing – Death Cab for Cutie 750 Coffee –...
Jamie is not a fan of this years Fair St. Louis fiasco... hear why!
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Anthem – US Marine Corps 620 America the Beautiful – Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert 650 America the Beautiful – Frank Sinatra 720 America the Beautiful – Ray Charles 750 America the Beautiful – Elvis Presley 820 America the Beautiful – Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert...