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CLICK HERE for video Fox 2's Chris Hayes asks the governer why the National Guard was not sent out to Ferguson. Nixon says he was avoiding a "Kent State" situation and that he believes it "prevented loss of life".
Jamie and caller Dave discuss the double standards in protesting.
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CLICK HERE for video The driver was arrested after he drove through protestors and reportedly flashed a gun.
CLICK HERE for video Check out video from Megyn Kelly's show - Milwaulkee County Sherrif David Clarke said he is disgusted with the way Eric Holder and the White House have made racial matters worse. Photo courtesy
CLICK HERE for video Loretta Sanchez claims Obama didn't change the law on immigration, he just "prioritized" what he wanted to do.
CLICK HERE Obama says midterms didn't go the way he wanted, but there is still "enormous areas of potential bipartisan action and progress." Photo courtesy
Saints tight end Benjamin Watson is cut off immediately after mentioning Jesus Christ on CNN. See the anchor touch her earpiece as if she is being told to wrap it up... seems intentional.