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When being a crabby libertarian makes you look like a fool: John Stossel on outnumbered vs Sandra Smith et al on Ebola... also...Stossel and "you women": Watch the latest video at
Honing in on the local race, Jay and Jamie discuss the candidates and possible outcomes of the race.
Love, love, love playoff baseball! Here's the scoop on what's to be expected for the rest of this series...
Author Sam Harris freaks out Ben Affleck on Bill Maher show after telling it like it is on liberal ridiculousness on responding to Muslim tyranny:
Anthem – Ricochet 520 Flashed Junk Mind – Milky Chance 535 I’ve Seen All Good People – Yes 550 Caress Me Down – Sublime 620 It’s Bad You Know – R.L Burnside 650 Gamma Ray – Beck 720 Unthought Known – Pearl Jam 750 I Shiver – Robert Cray 820 I Will Follow –U2 835 Latin Stroll –... he calls black democrat voters out for blindly supporting democratic candidates… local lessons should be learned. Democratic representation has failed blacks in St. Louis for years. Replace Louisian with St. Louis city (and now county) and Senator Guillory is making the...
Does it seem dangerous that the Centers for Disease Control is asking the general public for suggestions on how to handle/contain ebola? Let's start with banning flights from Liberia. How about Africa in general? Watch the latest video at