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" A person's favorite version of SNL usually corresponds to the time they were in high school. " - Lorne Michaels James brown celebrity hottub
Whitney O'Daniel clears up confusion about recent gun legislation on Capital Hill. He also discusses what we can expect out of our local lawmakers when it comes to protecting Constitutional rights of gun owners. •
Always clever, Hillary takes a crack at Trump's bankruptcy. However, you can't succeed without taking risks and risks are just that, risky. At this point it seems Trump's success has outweighed the failures.
Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Janet Yellen, says the unemployment rate is down but only because American's have stopped looking for work. President Obama touts the low unemployment rate... thanks Obama.
Dr. Tobler chimes in on the Trump campaign manager change. Hear his discussion with Tim below:
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Judge Napolitano discusses why the federal government would initially release redacted transcripts from the 911 phone call with the shooter in the Orlando. “First they announce the revelation of a redacted transcript… of course there was uproar,” says Napolitano. “Then they...
Todd Starnes discuss the skewed priorities of the Obama administration. "This is part of an overall narrative this administration has, that they will do anything to protect the Islamic faith. In essence they are better at protecting the Islamic faith than they are protecting the...
Former Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, says he still fully supports the Trump campaign. Lewandowski on Fox and Friends this morning makes clear there are no hard feelings and that he's happy with the progress thus far: