Allman's Electric Stove

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Photo by David Furst Getty Images Napolitano says the Supreme Court has been very clear on flag use
Photo by Chris Ware Keystone Features Getty Images The Full version of "Chicken Fat" by Robert Patterson:
Credit: Justin Sullivan /Getty Images Apple and Twitter have jumped onto the singular propaganda vehicle to filter our news and tell a one-sided story. I'd say it's time to fight back. Read full article HERE .
Credit: Michael Loccisano /Getty Images MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell is dreaming of a world were there could be a possible recount claiming the election results in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan were hacked. The election is over and Trump won so get over it and accept the fact...
Credit: Stephen Lovekin /Getty Images Scottie Nell Hughes makes the case that Donald Trump has done everything he can do to disavow his racist supporters. "Media Is Giving Attention To "Evil People" In Attempt To Smear Trump," Hughes explains. Watch video below: Read full...