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Credit: Getty Images World renowned filmmaker, Dinesh D'Souza , joins Jamie this morning to discuss his film, "Hillary's America." How anyone could support this woman after watching the film or hearing this interview is astounding.
Credit: Getty Images Genevieve Wood says too, little too late. The people have nominated Donald Trump as the nominee for the Republican Party. Wood points out, "they knew this stuff was out there," in regards to the lewd comments Trump made 11 years ago. Pulling the support now...
Credit: Getty Images We all know #HRC is not going to resolve 80% of people not having a raise with her economic policies, but Donald Trump will! Watch video below:
Good morning this morning! You know the drill... we're LIVE! Today's Show Sheet: 610 Pam Geller 650 Denish D'Souza 722 Genevieve Wood 748 Rep. Rodney Davis 822 Kevin Jackson 837 Skip Weber
Credit: Getty Images Judge Napolitano says that Trump's comments about jailing Hillary may have been in-artful but they were certainly justified.
Credit: Getty Images Children's Education Alliance of Missouri 's Associate Director Peter Franzen joins Jamie this morning to discuss Thursday's event.
Credit: Getty Images National Anthem - US Marine Band 535 Nothing Left To Say - Staind 610 Run For Your Life - Runner 622 My Type - Saint Motel 635 The Great American Nightmare - Howard Stern & Rob Zombie 648 Dead Or Alive - The Slackers 710 Cool Change - Little River Band...
Credit: Getty Images Let's set politics aside for a moment and just enjoy this little gem: