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Catherine Hanaway is running for Missouri Governor , she weighs in on Governor Nixon's final State of the State address.
As Jamie reminisces about the former Saint Louis Football Cardinals, Debbi from the Big Red Line called in to join his movement to reclaim the Football Cardinals for Saint Louis!
Donald Trump says he's "VERY proud to be a Protestant...Presbyterian, in fact." When quoting Scripture at a speech at Liberty University, Trump read from 2 Corinthians. However, when he cited the scripture, rather than saying "Second Corinthians" he referred to the Biblical book...
Surely the GOP will select a nominee who can wipe the floors with Hillary, right? Well, that's not a given if the party continues to tear themselves apart. So Palin says, "Trump." What say you? Hear Genevieve Wood and Jamie break things down:
Sandra Smith says if you're a long term investor, stick it out. Hear her analysis and advice below: