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Jamie and Jimmy discuss the constitutionality of the TPP, the Middle East talk on the hill and Ebola, yes, ebola. Hear the interview below:
Crazy chick, "knows it's extreme but..." - This woman says that people who eat meat "must die"
Lindsey Graham on the View: My Niece Knew Shooter, Said He’s ‘Strange, Disturbed’ (17:17)
S.C. State Rep Todd Rutherford is pointing fingers at Fox News. Why, you ask? Because Fox News, "uses coded language, they use hate speech, they talk about the president as if he's not the president..." Oh. Hum. Okay?
A heckler jumps in a live camera shot of Don Lemon and John Berman's coverage of the shooting in South Carolina.
No surprise there. However, if the President was actually concerned with gun control/violence, he would be actively pursuing a solution. He would also be concerned about the sky-high gun related deaths in Chicago each week.
Chris Wallace joins the program to discuss a variety of news stories and popular culture issues. On the topic of the tragic shooting-massacre in a South Carolina church, "Why couldn't they just get help... you just wish that somebody would have intervened at some point..." When...
The Pretenders in Concert at The Taft Theater - February 13, 2009 - National Anthem - The Fray 522 Precious - The Pretenders 535 Roar - Katy Perry 550 Bombs Away - The Police 635 Sleep Head - Passion Pit 650 Smoth Jazz Anthem - Smooth Jazz Sax Instrumentals 722...