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Authors of the book "The Science of Fitness: Power, Performance and Endurance".
Jamie talks about the audio that ended up being vital evidence in the grand jury hearings.
Anthem - Whitney Houston 520 Dreams - The Cranberries 535 I've Got Friends - Manchester Orchestra 620 All Night Diner - Modest Mouse 650 Skip to the Bip - Club Des Beluges 720 Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde 750 I Can't Stay - The Killers 820 Come With Me Now - Kongos 835 Kind Of...
Believe it or not there's a whole video of the Allman crew goofing off. Crazy, I know. Check it out!
Russell Simmons says that if demands are not met, Americans won't be ready for the type of protests they'll see. Photo courtesy
CLICK HERE for video This tape has been confimed as real - audio of the actual shooting of Michael Brown by Darren Wilson. It became a pivotal piece of evidence in the grand jury hearing. This video is kind of funny and we've joked about it in the past, but this tape turned out...
CLICK HERE for video Here's video of Rep. Cynthia Lummis at the Gruber hearings. Her personal story about Obamacare is astounding. Notice at the end of her speech - not many representatives in the wide shot... why?
Jamie talks to Rep. Ann Wagner about the CIA report and what it means for our security.
Jamie talks to Missouri Lt. Governor Peter Kinder about the Ferguson Commission and creating a non-Governement way to revitalize the community.