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Credit: Getty Images Another lecture from our esteemed O-bummer in Chief? Yep. Coming from someone who's whined basically his entire time in office, it's hard to take this criticism seriously.
Credit: Getty Images Wondering how to commit voter fraud on a mass scale? Well, wonder no longer. Democratic operatives explain exactly how they've been, "busing people in for 50 years." Watch Part 2 of James O'Keefe's chilling uncovering of corruption and fraud in the DNC:
Good morning this morning (you bunch o' drunks)! The third and final presidential debate is happening tonight in Las Vegas, NV. #AITM has your debate prep: comments, questions, concerns and of course listener engagement. Watch below: 5:10 – Anthem 5:37 – Replay Doug Giles (930)...
Credit: Getty Images Our dear friend and regular caller, Stewart, passed away Saturday. Chis Arps of had the pleasure of knowing Stewart. He joins Jamie this morning to remember a good friend.
Credit: Getty Images The FBI and State Department are saying there was no quid pro quo in regards to Hillary's e-mails. Judge Napolitano lays out what we know and the legal ramifications of the "what-if":
Credit: Getty Images National Anthem - US Navy Band 522 Love Always Remains - MGMT 535 Statesboro Blues - The Allman Brothers Band 548 Bored To Death - Blink-182 610 Sell It To You - Bronze Radio Return 622 Ghost Riders In The Sky - Outlaws 635 Black - Pearl Jam 648 Peek-A-Boo...
Credit: Getty Images O'Keefe joins Levin upon the release of part 1 of his undercover investigation that reveals mass collusion, cover-up and even the incitement of violence by democrats:
Happy Tuesday ya'll! Watch Jamie Allman and team bring the #CommonSense directly to your radio: Here's a sneak-peak of our "showsheet": 5:22 – National Anthem 5:50 – Todd Starnes 6:22 – Lightning Round 6:50 – Suneal Menzies 7:10 – Chris Arps 7:22 – Judge Andrew P. Napolitano 7:...
Credit: Getty Images Looking for further proof of corruption on the left? This is distrubing. Plants inciting violence at Trump rallies, "a pony express" between super PACs and the Clinton campaign... and that's only the beginning. Watch below: Read article from Breitbart