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Todd Starnes returns from Texas and shares his first hand account of the border crisis.
Senator Jim DeMint breaks down the illegal immigration crisis. He also explains what-the-heck the IM bank is/was and the DC corruption associated.
Glenn Beck charity for the kids… Ted Cruz: (9:20 second tape) CLICK HERE to watch video
Bob Beckel "Chinamen" comment has calls for his resigning.... Not sorry...
Anthem – Charles Glenn 520 High – Young Flying Sons 535 My Body – Young the Giant 550 Shake, Shake, Shake – Bronze Radio Return 620 Dreams – The Cranberries 650 Burn it Down – Linkin Park, Gooey – Glass Animals 720 Waves – Sleeper Agent 750 Remember the Future Part 1 – Nektar...
Today's Lightning Round features outraged citizens of Chicago, Governor Perry calling out the President, Holder lets the race card slip and more!
Jamie and Jay discuss Governor Perry and Senator McCain's accusations toward Senator Paul about his "isolationist" tendencies. Plus, why Perry's glasses are awesome.