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Levin on Reagan…who is being used by current Republicrats against the tea party and other a boxing glove to defeat non-establishment repubs like Rand Paul and had Ford...Dole,,,,,in 1976....but Reagan lost...then Ford Lost...then Carter… The...
Stupid sounding marble-mouth New Yorker Peter king attacking libertarian republicans… at the same time King talks about careful language...what a dick. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Let me leave...passengers on LaGuardia Southwest flight have to watch themselves being sprayed by fire hoses. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Fed Ex employee throwing. Shannon Davis Fed Ex exec ec apologizes...GREAT corporate response...looks like the bitch is going back to the US Postal Service "in his voice…one thing I did not that 'the bitch is...'" Share your comments with Jamie below!
Obama butt kisser Don Lemon is either a ) brilliant or b) looking for a shot on matter...his speech is brilliant...a sure resume tape…but true… Share your comments with Jamie below!
Black Supremacist Calypso Louie calls for more race war.... "Ugly Woman" via Louis actually terrible. Jimmy Soul Killed Louie with a better version and a new name "If you want to be happy" Share your thoughts with Jamie below
San Diego Mayor slam...your taxpayer dollars support another stadium seating mob attack...the kind you see a lot lately with gun violence...or racism...or even conservatives do it by compiling blacks etc.. Share your comments with Jamie below!
For those of you who never get up by 5am, check out the 5am hour from last Thursday. It featured the Royal Baby Name, the peculiar PD headline and Jamie breaking out into song. share your thoughts with Jamie below.
Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with the highlights from the week, with the Week That Was. Have a Good weekend. Anthem – Mormon Tabernacle Choir 522 Just Got Paid – ZZ Top 537 When Jesus Left Birmingham – John Mellencamp 550 Brooklyn is Burning – Head Automatica...