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Jamie has his son welcome back new Mom (for a 2nd time), @SandraSmithFOX from Fox News' Outnumbered and Fox Biz's Opening Bell!
Just two years ago the Supreme Court made a decision regarding the definition of marriage. Now, they will decide again. Genevieve and Jamie discuss:
Fox News' Catherine Herridge: Social media analysis shows Protesters Who Incited Ferguson Violence Doing Same in Baltimore.
Toya Graham says 'I didn't want him to be another Freddie Gray': America's favorite mom who chased her son home after catching him rioting reveals she is a 'no-tolerant' mother-of-six who 'just lost it' when she saw him on TV. <
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News hero Erin Burnett with a Baltimore councilman Carl Stokes another oppressor keeping black youngsters down... CLICK HERE to see video and read article
Fox News Reporter Leland Vittert from Baltimore navigates through a crowd of angry proteserts. CLICK HERE to see video and read article
A long night for the citizens of Baltimore. Jamie and the doc discuss the events leading up to the riots: Are there similarities between this incident and the riots in Ferguson? Comment below and let us know what you think!