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The offensive situation: (:35 since today is d day plus 70...) Fox and Friends like to put people on spot… 12 year old girl asked by Fox bimbette to sing my country tis of thee... (1:21 where are you from and how old)
Groveling apology: Daughtry for being asked impromptu for a patriotic song and getting flustered on D-Day. It’s not a good thing he couldn't sum something up but it's a bad thing he has to make some video apologizing. Pathetic. What a pansy.
Ken Luccioni says his son Matthew was killed looking for Bergdahl:
Jim Carafano not only a foreign policy expert weighing in on the Bergdahl controversy but also the author of TWO books on D-Day.
Anthem – The Fray 520 Stars and Stripes Forever 535 Don’t Cry No Tears – Neil Young 550 Stars and Stripes Forever 620 Breathe - Telepopmusik 650 Hold Me Now – Thompson Twins 720 Happy – Pharrell Williams 750 Stars and Stripes Forever 820 I Have the Touch – Peter Gabriel 835... Giuliani says White House grasping at straws to attack critics: