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Click HERE for article ISIS lashes out at Kerry, calling him an "uncircumcized old geezer" and President Obama, who they called a "mule of the Jews". Photo courtesy
Click HERE for video George Will thinks the goal for Syrian doesn't match up with the way we're trying to reach the goal.
Click HERE for video So even though he's been cleared of wrongdoing, Chris Christie still faces a lot of damage to his image? Photo courtesy
The Hammer says Obama has zero experience and has gone against his generals on Iraq and Syria.
Check out this video of the man who bypassed the Secret Service and got into the White House.
Chuck Todd says the 2014 election can be divided into the part of the country that eats Chick-Fil-A and the part that goes to Starbucks...
In Albania, Pope Francis called for Muslims to not use religion as an excuse for violence.