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Magic Johnson takes the high road just before the NBA sticks it firmly up Sterling's rear: (1:14 even if I see him today)
Black guy asked the toughest question of Michael Sam... (2:15 michael have you had a one on one conversation...) CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Have a great day. Enjoy this segment about Charles Barkley and here is today’s music: 5/13/14 Anthem – Martina McBride 522 Closer – The Urge 535 Take On Me – A-HA 550 Birchwood -AIM 622 You Learn – Alanis Morissette 650 Right Here Right Now – Jesus Jones 725 I Don’t Care (I Love...
The trailer for Katie Couric's new doc, "Fed Up". Share your comments with Jamie below!
Check out Krauthammer's take on global warming! Share your comments with Jamie below!
A slushie was thrown at an anti-gay protester on Mothers Day... other than the slushie, it was a peaceful protest! Share your comments with Jamie below!