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Are you Mr. President, are you really? CLICK HERE TO VIEW VIDEO
Why in the world would they do that? "White supremacy." What? Jim Hoft and Jamie discuss below: CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE VIA THE GWP
Host of Insider Talk , Rodney Boyd, discusses the budget (or lack there of) in Illinois. What happenes when a state government fails to pass a budget? Find out below:
Duggars from CBS. Lesson. Don't expose religious views before you molest. Just be like the 80% who molest and whom we don't know about:
Bob and Bev Chop Suey - System of a Down Bob and Bev latest: Taylor Swift (Blank Space)...with daughter Bev does Royals by Lorde Bob and friends do Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines Jennifer Kushinka got the Bob and Bev treatment:
National Anthem - Mormon Tabernacle Choir 522 Rain King - Counting Crows 535 Pink Houses - John Mellencamp 548 Why Get Up? - Robert Palmer 637 Toxicity - System Of A Down 648 Giving Up The Gun - Vampire Weekend 722 Cherry Bomb - John Mellencamp 737 Don't Fence Me In - David...
Friend and U.S. Senator Roy Blunt stops by the studio today to share some highlights from his recent tour of Missouri. Jamie also has the chance to ask about the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership:
Anthem - The Fray 520 Guilty Filthy Soul - AWOLNation 535 My Baby Just Cares for Me - Nina Simone 550 Like the Way I Do - Melissa Ethridge 635 Buena - Morphine 650 Count Me In - 311 735 Ship to Wreck - Florence + The Machine 750 A-Punk - Vampire Weekend 820 Kind of Latin Rhythm...