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"Blackvoices" section of the Huffington post commemorates the 50th anniversary of March on Washington by embarrassing one of the most successful black jurists in the nation... Judge Joe Brown... first black prosecutor ever in Memhis Tenn... presided over appeal of James Earl Ray...
A very interesting Harvard gun study: CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!
Jamie Foxx..."who are these guys names" speech....actually not bad in it's theme but confusing... as if his own 19 year old didn't know who Harry was or "Martin" was...hmm. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Here is the panicked former KFTK radio personality in the Iraq war. Hilarity at 7:00. Don't Panic - here's today's music: Anthem – The Band Perry 522 High School Lover - Cayucas 537 London in the Rain – Variety Lab 550 Anna Sun – Walk the Moon 637 Itchin’ on a Photograph –...
Here is this week's speech from Bob Woodson. Jamie spoke to him on the air this morning. It's hard to rock the RNC, but Mr. Woodson made it happen. Share your thoughts with Jamie below!
Miss the show? Check out Jamie's hot poker from Texas and listen to him put it in the haters. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Obama: Oh yeah now that you mention it MLK would love Obamacare yes absolutely why yes of course thanks for asking. Share your comments with Jamie below!
HuffPost interviews director of "America v Iraq" and demands dick Cheney apology…btw what are you harrumphing about HuffPo host? Share your comments with Jamie below!