Allman's Electric Stove

Jamie Allman had Jim Carafano on this morning - he made a bombshell prediciton.
Christian bakers refuse to bake cake for lesbian couple but now close...really? Share your comments with Jamie below!
I was ready to attack the plebian looking Chris Hayes as he interviewed the near cat looking John Kerry who apparently has had one eyelid paralyzed from repeated botox injections and who now looks like a wax figure of Joan Rivers wearing a John Kerry mask...But Hayes and indeed...
John Kerry 1971...on applying "moralisms" around the world...with William F Buckley...regarding Vietnam. .(Syria is more like Vietnam than Iraq ever was.) Share your comments with Jamie below!
Brit Hume has bills to pay. He wants to grow old at Fox News and a lot of people like him..those of the McLaughlin report and all of the pink-shirted blue-blazer Republicrat set want desperately to keep seeing black and white and to keep wanting war as long as there is an Arab...
Jamie talks to FOX Business's Sandra Smith about the implications on the markets if the US takes action in Syria. Today's Music: Anthem – Charles Glenn 520 Thiskidisnotalright – Awolnation 537 Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs 550 Indian Summer – Joe Walsch 637 Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters...
Jamie's top clip-picks from this morning's show; the 622 Lighting Round! Share your comments with Jamie below!
Iraq vet with 30 years in military just says no to robber as veteran man’s convenience store counter: Share your comments with Jamie below!
Anthony Wener looked upon as a psycho after argument with a man who calls him disgusting... Share your comments with Jamie below!