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Christmas Day Show - 2013 Promotion Christmas 2013 was the first year for the Allman Christmas Special. Here's a promo that we created to promote the Christmas Day show that aired from 6am - Noon...the same as when this year's show will air. Allman Christmas Promo 1
Georgia Republican gets it even if he doesn’t get audio mixing... take off on Volvo truck Van Damme deal... Mike Collins looking to unseat Paul Broun:
Morning Joes weak defense in the face if stupidity... "some of its ethnic"... and the rest... too bad we don’t have more conservatives making a big deal and debating like men… unlike Joe Scarborough... Share your comments with Jamie below!
Pathetic cloying white liberal boy Chris Matthews celebrates his interview with Barack Obama… Left Winger David Corn begins craziness by asserting that Prez Obama must be unhappy with media coverage... Matthews follows with a major kiss up: Share your comments with Jamie below!
A journey through the mind of President Obama. Jamie compares it to 1966's Fantastic Voyage ... what do you think? Share your comments with Jamie below!
Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with Jamie’s interview with Chris Wallace, celebrating his 10th anniversary with Fox News Sunday. Plus today’s music. Anthem – Charles Glenn 520 Just Like Heaven – the Cure 537 Burn Rubber on Me – the Gap Band 550 He Stopped Loving...
Disease rhymes with opportunity in this pleasing video on Obamacare: Share your commens with Jamie below!
One dude in Ohio could not wait for Obama to solve the income inequality problem so he decided to solve it himself buy moving in to someones house... claiming he owns it: CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!
Lady Gaga posing nude for Candy magazine... a new magazine: Share your comments with Jamie below!