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The plot thickens on the prisoner swap as leading members of the senate reveal a lack of information and fellow soldiers say Bergdahl was a "deserter" from the beginning.
Adam Wainwright featured prominently in this below article: CLICK HERE FOR FULL STORY
CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO Anti-capitalist has his day with Neil Cavuto... Jimmy Van Bramer... gets his ass handed to him… as protests for minimum wage really amounts to just hating Walmart... notice issues beyond minimum wage: (:51 Walmart has a history...) Van Bramer thinks...
Ranking senate member had no idea about Bergdahl goodbye note: (1:39 THIS NOTE THAT HE LEFT...) CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO AND MORE ON THIS STORY Chris Matthews has no thrill up his leg about this: Shocking video from inside hotel hymns of President working out… WTF? Ever hear of security?
Anthem – Oak Ridge Boys 520 Itchin’ on a Photograph - Grouplove 535 Pumpin’ Blood - NONONO 550 S.O.S (The Sounds of Silence) – Trinity FM 620 I Have the Touch – Peter Gabriel 650 Sirens – Pearl Jam 720 Sabatoge – Beastie Boys 750 That’s Not Me – The Beach Boys 820 Loser - Beck... Lisa (Montgomery) Kennedy chimes in on Bergdahl, VA & more!