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Chris Christie reacts to allege bogus activity by aide that says his name is on... with Diane Sawyer:
Jamie and Jim talk Ballpark village, N. Korea, gov't regulations v private establishment, college football unions, Hobby Lobby and more!
Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with Jamie’s discussion of Democratic corruption. Plus today’s music. 3/27/14 Anthem – Charles Glenn 522 Rivertrance – String Cheese Incident 535 Little Games – the Colourist 550 Charlie Brown – Coldplay 622 On a Cloud – PPP 650...
Bruce Braley in Iowa doesn't want control of the senate going to republicans... wants to hold on to seat... takes a shot at republican Chuck Grassley:
What happens when modern left wing senators don’t have constitutional educations or any familiarity with the construct of American government… you get dumb as a bag of hair senators like Patty Murray of Washington:
Dumb white man ruins the whole moment as he makes it all about him:
Pam Geller, Atlas Shurgs , gives us the scoop on foreign policy. Today's Music : Anthem – Oak Ridge Boys 522 Take On Me – a-ha 535 Stellar – Incubus 550 Wishing Well – the Airborne Toxic Event 622 Always Something – Cage the Elephant 650 Straight On – Heart 725 Life of Illusion...
Find out The Black Sphere's take on the Hobby Lobby case + what does the Ball Park Village dress code actually mean?
Years ago Dan Rather wrote Jamie a letter... naturally he saved it: Jamie and Dan at Maryville University's Speaker Series: PLUS Dan Rather's Infamous Exchange with President Nixon: