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Toya Graham says 'I didn't want him to be another Freddie Gray': America's favorite mom who chased her son home after catching him rioting reveals she is a 'no-tolerant' mother-of-six who 'just lost it' when she saw him on TV. <
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News hero Erin Burnett with a Baltimore councilman Carl Stokes another oppressor keeping black youngsters down... CLICK HERE to see video and read article
Fox News Reporter Leland Vittert from Baltimore navigates through a crowd of angry proteserts. CLICK HERE to see video and read article
A long night for the citizens of Baltimore. Jamie and the doc discuss the events leading up to the riots: Are there similarities between this incident and the riots in Ferguson? Comment below and let us know what you think!
Always wondered about Jack Black... not which hotel room he's going to wind up bloated and overdosed in... but where his politics are:
Shephard Smith on Baltimore Riots: Seems ‘Like Palestinians and the Israeli Army’ Fighting.'