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As you have probably gathered from our excitement, we here at the AITM show are HUGE Cards fans! Here's a great article from BuzzFeed, "15 Reason's Why You Should Be Rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals" CLICK HERE for article! Share your comments with Jamie below!
Breastfeeding mom story.... less summit: Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Breaking News Share your comments with Jamie below!
Matthews freak out over Cruz comments made in Texas... saying Cruz was all about white merica even as Matthews sat there with two other white guys to talk about it… the grand liberal bastion with one black host and even he isnt black... he’s Al Sharpton... Share your comments...
Ted Cruz on the Let It Burn Theory... this after being accused of being an opportunist... far from it (tail end… Cruz also knows that Democrats will NEVER be blamed for anything)
If you want to see the true level of news reporting in this country... and just how vacuous and lemming like local news really is...and why instead of getting real news you just get an airhead miming of whatever was written by one guy at AP… here's Conan with a true public...
Jamie chats with A. Scott Berg, an old friend and former classmate of our beloved Judge Napolitano! Mr. Berg is the author of Wilson. He also happens to have a very different opinion of the 28th president than that of Jamie or the Judge. Mr. Berg will be at the St. Louis County...
A day of returns: Jamie back from sunny Florida and the great Jim Hoft back on the air with us! Not a bad way to kick of the week! Share your comments with Jamie below!
Cruz with Karl the Bush suck up....Cruz answers perfectly... CLICK HERE for video and article Share your comments with Jamie below!
Ted Cruz with Dana Bash of CNN who did a pretty good job...Cruz in this on the claim it’s a money maker for him… Share your comments with Jamie below!