Allman's Electric Stove

Rand Paul, in New Hampshire, MAKES important point about conservative for individual strength... don’t coddle corporate power:
Harry Reid on cattle why not just use the pen and phone to delay the enforcement? CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Obama on religious rights? Really wanna hear this?
Tucker Carlson with the best case yet in defense of government but.... what Tucker and Glenn don’t get is this is about selective enforcement and timing... and administration that decides to target tea party groups but ignore voter fraud, which decides to hold hearing on iraq...
Radio host interviewed the Jewish center killer guy two years ago and played a game:
Phillies fans..about as horrible as Miwaukee fans..get their due as they taunt Dan Uggla of the braves...ONLY reason to like the braves is when crap town philly hates them... CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Sharpton says, "...uh, uh...uh" plus some insight to the (as we well know) biased news media. Today's Music : Anthem – US Marine Band 522 Never Say Never – Amanda Blank / Let’s Stay Together / Love & Happiness – Rev. Al Green 535 Sway – Rosemary Clooney 550 Into the Mystic (...
Jamie chats with Josh Hawley the founder and presdient of the Missouri Liberty Project !
Obama whores himself out to Sharpton’s race baiting extortion ring known as the national action network... no justice no peace... they don’t know the half of it… anyway... Obama gets on his preacher voice: