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Washington Nationals star Adam Laroche killed and ate a mountain lion and loved it... (what the heck he couldn’t ski!) animal rights groups hated it... cue Joe Namath... said meat tasted like pork: CLICK HERE
Woody Allen documentarian Bob Weide says Allen doesn’t care... says allegations are false… part of custody case: CLICK HERE
Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with Jamie’s interview with Todd Starnes, Plus today’s music: 2/4/14 Anthem – Ricochet 520 Big Parade – the Lumineers 537 Bleeding Out – Imagine Dragons 550 Wish You Were Here - Incubus 622 Tristan Prettyman – All I Want Is You 650...
Did you miss part of the show today? Hear Jamie's interview with Peggy Grande. Peggy served as President Reagan's personal assistant for a decade during his post-presidency years. Peggy will tell some of her favorite Reagan stories, show behind the scenes photos from her private...
The world is NOT going to end, according to Fox Business Network's Sandra Smith.
Alleged do-gooders and mean wells attack the US with another stupid idea: make fast food restaurants stop selling soda... stupid bimbo news anchors instead of acting outraged and incredulous report it like it’s a happy thing:
Olympic medalist Apolo Ohno talks about not bearing fearful of uncertainty of success when it’s something you want:
Buzzfeed editor Peter Lauria thinks its a wise idea to pretend his diversity schtick will go over well with Jerry Seinfeld...and after Jerry calls BS Pdter says it actually came from twitter....anyway..grteart stuff from Seinfeld:
But I guess the question really is did blow dry ask a follow up or did he voice track lack of an answer in the absence of a follow up question... did he do the interview? If so… why is he voice tracking her response instead of crawling up her skirt...? Actually says she won’t...