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Rand responds to the "neo-confederate" accusations. He says enough is enough and has no interest in playing nice with those misrepresenting him or his POV. CLICK HERE to see the video. (
Jamie shares his opinion on whether or not conviced felons should be allowed to vote after serving their sentances. What do you think?
Lisa (Kennedy) Montgomery weighs in on the Stephen A. Smith controversy, felons voting and more!
USA today black reporter interviews black Jesse Jackson how too many whites and Asians have tech jobs....
Chris Matthews who agrees with Rand Paul on convicted felons voting that is. Although, only a white liberal guiltist like Matthews would classify this as a push for black voters:
Whoopi Goldberg rightly defends Stephen A. Smith… who was forced to make a groveling apology and is now off the air for a week after reacting to some football player’s wife who said she hit first. Still you don't hit a woman:
Leave it to Todd to find the injustice and the stories affecting everyday American's the rest of the MSM seems to overlook.
Basically Kerry has only made things worse... surpise, surprise...
Jamie responds to the presidents economic address focusing on corporate taxation. CLICK HERE to watch full address.