Allman's Electric Stove

About :26 seconds I saw a white girl... in the Michelle Obama and Will Ferrell "focus group":
Mitch McConnell challenger Alison Lundgren Grimes... no Obama... but sorry... take McConnell over this chick any day: CLICK HERE
Thank you non-essential non constitutional entitlements...Chuck Hagel is your Obama whore with an axe. Keep in mind... can’t fight two wars at once… great how we can laser focus on defense cuts but not taxpayer funded giveaways:
Are gay's offended by "Stand with Sam" are blacks offended by interracial by the use of "the N word" on the football field? Here's what Jamie and Jay think. Anthem – US Heritage Band 520 Dreamer – Supertramp 537 Crystallized – Young the Giant 550 Love Train – the O’Jays 620 I...
A week after his father died Cody Coots handles the same snake that killed his dad: CLICK HERE Original tape with music: CLICK HERE
My Drunk Kitchen with Hannah Hart and Mary Louise Parker.