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Lion opening a car door...woman from Game of Thrones killed by a lion coming through window, was only partially’s basically careless going near a lion. Some say she was only 29 and didn't know better?
Pam Geller on CNN reacting to being target of beheading plot by w/ Erin Burnett.
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar defend their molester son Josh in interview with Megyn Kelly.
... against Hillary's trustworthiness: PLUS: Check out the Hillary "Everyday Pant Suit Tee" a'la (HA!)
National Anthem - Beyonce 522 Don't You Forget About Me - Billy Idol 535 How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths 548 Don't You Forget About Me - Billy Idol 622 Nighttiming - Coconut Records 648 Against Me! - Thrash Unreal 737 Thumbelina - Coleman Hell 748 There Is A Mountain - Donovan...
Stephen Colbert and his Colbeard...this is going to be good.
Erik Jones is the youngest driver to ever win in truck series history. He is back in St. Louis June 13, 2015 at Gateway Motorsports Park . Hear his interview with Jamie below: CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO
Let's just begin with sanity... the Hammer, " Kim Kardashian has a better shot at winning the presidency than Bernie Sanders," yep. Then there's the Sanders-Seth Meyer's interview. Basically, a big love fest and giggles about gang-rape literature written by Sanders when he was...
Last week Rand Paul pointed a finger at, "hawks in my party" involving the US in conflict in the middle east and ultimately compromising safety. Interviewed by Sean Hannity this week, Rand is asked to defend those comments. Our opinion, Rand was mainly talking about Lindsey...