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LA woman will have no patience for burglars!!! Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV
Keith Ellison, congressman… Americans work too much anyway... and the Obamacare deal is pro-family... unreal:
Another Obamacare mandate delay… and Trey Gowdy with another shot of common sense over the leftnut spin on the CBO report:
Candy Crowley and Janet Napolitano talk nonsense… Janet wants to be a figure skater... glad to know the taxpayers are paying for her trip... why is the homeland security chick in another country?
Chris Wallace asks Sen Roy blunt (with a stupid tree backdrop) a question that seemingly should never have to be asked in this day and age.... Also: Democrat Knob Ben Cardin has a new phrase... job lock... as if having a job just to get health care is a bad thing... we get what...
Mizzou standout Michael Sam says he’s gay... weird how it’s a top story... but then again it seems liberals will always focus on sexuality and gender and race well before conservatives do: CLICK HERE
George Will nails the left wing plot to dope Americans on government:
One of the most dangerous white liberal guiltiest in America... speech impediment Commentator EJ Dionne aided and abetted by NBC's David Gregory in saying don’t believe your lying eyes when a mainstream media outlet like the New York Times says the CBO Obamacare report is bad...
Chris Wallace with the Congressman talking about Sochi fear factor as it relates to terrorism...