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It's time to talk about how creepy Joe Biden is. Jamie enlists the help of some certs to prove his point in this segment. Photo courtesy
Pam Geller talks to Jamie about the media reaction to the Chapel Hill shootings and Obama's reluctance to talk about ISIS.
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Click HERE for video An oldie but a goodie... Chris Matthews can't believe that Marie Harf thinks a lack of jobs is the root cause of ISIS, and neither can we. So we just need to keep ISIS busy and they will stop? Let's form some sort of midnight basketball league for them!...
Click HERE for the Article Parents are outraged to find out that Kinnard Classical Junor Academy is named after a lieutenant in the Confederate army... if you're going to get upset about the country's past mistakes, why not investigate a few more? Like the fact that Senator...
Eric Holder isn't so sure about Obama's basketball game... he jokes that Obama is still his boss so he can't say much and reminds us that the President's home state of Hawaii, not a notorious state for basketball! Photo courtesy
Click HERE for video Eric Holder is calling for a moratorium on the death penalty, citing the "inevitable" possibility of executing an individual who is really innocent. Photo courtesy
Ashton Carter’s Wife, Stephanie had a rough day: First she falls on the ice as new Defense Secretary Arrives for his first day of work Then Vice President Joe Biden gets handsy with her!
Click HERE for video Ben Carson slams Obama's leadership -he says we have the OPPOSITE of good leadership right now- and says that if Obama wants to have a good legacy, NOW is the time to start it. Photo courtesy