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Nancy Pelosi is confident in Hillary Clinton... "When she runs, she will win." Photo courtesy
CLICK HERE for video - NSFW Not for the faint of heart, but important... video of a 14 week old fetus outside of the womb still twitching and ALIVE. Videos like this are a good reminder to support organizations that choose life.
Sam Dotson is calling an attack on an STL Bosnian woman a hate crime. Funny how the Post Dispatch isn't reporting it that way...
CLICK HERE for video George W Bush speaks out about the recent race riots and the Garner Grand Jury decision. He calls the jury decision sad and hard to understand... he also acknowledges that race still plays a big part in our lives. Photo courtesy
CLICK HERE for video Chris Matthews is confident that Romney is a shoe-in for the GOP nomination... and he'll beat Jeb Bush for it. Photo courtesy
CLICK HERE for video Nobody is trying to deny that racism exists... but it's a little strange to hear that it's "deeply rooted" in our society by our BLACK PRESIDENT! Photo courtesy
CLICK HERE for video People are going crazy over the Garner case, and many think it's racial... but Eric Garner's widow, Esaw Sniper-Garner, says she doesn't think it's a black and white issue.
CLICK HERE for video Hey, Kenan Thompson does a pretty good Al Sharpton! Check out his flub on the name "Saint Louis". Photo courtesy
Is SNL making fun of News 4's morning show? Whether or not they are, this story hits kind of close to home as it portrays St. Louisans trying to go throughout their day with all of the Ferguson destruction going on around them.