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Krauthammer: Democrats are hypocrites on filibuster change. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Jamie chats with Jim Carafano who happens to have a very interesting POV on treaties... specifically a new "disabilities treaty"; you'd be a jerk to vote against something with that title...right? Scheming-conniving gov't at it's finest... check it out. Share your comments with...
White House reporters led by Chuck Todd fight ban on photos. Share your comments with Jamie below!
George Will: Democrats need be careful what they wish for Share your comments with Jamie below!
Obama uses founding fathers to defend filibuster rule change – 2013. Obama uses founding fathers to oppose filibuster rule change – 2005 Harry Reid loved the filibusters in 2005 Share your comments with Jamie below!
Denys shares her family's holiday traditions. What do red franks have to do with Christmas? Watch and find out!
Watch as Denys and crew put on some vinyl and break it down to some classic Christmas tunage.
Jamie invites the newest Allman in the Morning crew member for a fireside chat. He proceeds to infer that she looks like a certain canine, but in a good way. Jamie then introduces Tricia to a favorite from his Santa collection. And then come the giggles. You'll just have to see...
Clear to everyone but Cuomo, Senator Ted Cruz as been an advocate for the dismantling of Obamacare from the beginning. As Jamie points out, it's amazing journalists are still asking the question, 'If not Obamacare, then what?'. Hear Jamie's thoughts on the confusing and almost...