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Jamie chats with Jim Hoft about Leno ripping on Obama and more! Share your comments with Jamie below!
Jamie delivers a mind blowing interview with filmmaker Kristina Borjesson on her new documentary Flight 800. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Cutie Erin Burnett versus Rience Priebus on Hillary movie threat against CNN and NBC... Burnett says director has been bi-partisan in past… right... Share your comments with Jamie below!
From Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit: Jay Leno Rips Obama as He Waits Off-Stage: “How About Solving the Problems That Brought Our Country to a Halt” Share your comments with Jamie below!
NPR taxpayer funded radio busy trying to make Rand Paul into a racist... because he had some doofus on his staff...amazing how Rand Paul was MAN enough to even put up for the guy & not throw him under the bus…then put up with taxpayer funded leftards... Share you comments...
From : Independence Film Art & Music Festival in Independence Missouri on August 9 9 pm TWA Flight 800 (Kristina Borjesson) – KC Premier with Film Maker Former members of the original investigation into the controversial crash of TWA Flight...
Colorado Marine is focus of story on apartment complex saying no guns... but don’t property rights trump all...? Can a person have a KKK rally in his apartment? Legal challenges written all over it? Thanks anchor? Share your comments with Jamie below!
Veterans... even when they are leftists... usually get it right on veterans issues,,,,Tammy Duckworth of Illinois hammers a veteran disability guy who is an IRS contractor who is claiming a service connected disability... and allowed him special federal contractor status... even...
Chris Christie has figured out a way to spend Hurricane Sandy relief money on his future campaign... these ads just out… featuring none other than Chris Christie...of course… Share your comments with Jamie below!