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Can America really afford another Democrat Dope in DC in the form of Alison Lundergan Grimes? Recently she has refused to answer whether she would vote for Obamacare but in August she was all about it... at a state fair… and being a fool: (1:03)
Photo by Valerie Jarrett talks down to the kids of Pomona College… saying "c’mon" in a matter of five minutes... Can we stop with the commencement speeches already!?
Dr. Ben Carson mesmerizes on the View. Whoopi raises a point and Carson hands her an amen and then offers a solution she hasn't thought of...amazing: (5:31) Carson is asked about welfare by the dude on the show... and instead of getting what I think they wanted… some attack of...
Photo by Chelsea Clinton's mother-in-law runs and loses... CNN reports:
What do Americans ACTUALLY care about? Today's Music : Anthem – The Band Perry 522 Sprawl II – Arcade Fire 535 Trojans – Atlas Genius 550 I Miss You – Blink 182 622 On the Road Again – Canned Heat 650 Little Games – the Colourist 725 Superfly – Curtis Mayfield 750 I Miss You –...
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