Allman's Electric Stove

Listen Brewers... is that all you've got? It's disturbing enough that you find it acceptable to run a campaign ad for the All Star game (ever heard of talent winning out)... but this isn't even clever... Your browser does not support iframes.
A hard but necessary interview to hear with Senator Jim Talent on the events and implications in Iraq.
Don't be fooled... she's running and she is as crazy-controlling of liberal as they come.
Anthem – U.S. Marine Corps 520 Mexico – James Taylor 535 Lasso – Phoenix 550 You Don’t Move Me – Keith Richards 620 Human – The Killers 650 Cuddle Fuddle – Passion Pit 720 Daughter – Pearl Jam 750 I Lived – OneRepublic 820 People You Know – Robynn Ragland 835 Bring on the Night...