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Laughing at local media? Neeeevvveer... Fake Chef Keith of Found Footage Fest :
Netanyahu warns the west on Iran: this scud's for you!
Russians didn’t see anchor Abby Martin of Russia today speaks out...claim is she has been sent to Crimea...Siberia next...100 countries saw this though:
Funny jive turkey talking Obama makes fun of republicans for complaining about his "fixes" even though they are not fixes they are delays: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
Reporter blooper...from Seattle: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
Marijuana study confirms suspicions: New Marijuana Study Says Everyone Knows You're High And You'll Likely Be Stoned Forever
Christie... doesn’t like Obamacare elect a new president: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
Supposed tea party godfather Jim Demint on the supposed tea party... WSJ adds to the objectification… it’s easy to dismiss… that’s why tea party still survives... CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO