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National Anthem - The Fray 5:20 No Excuses – Alice in Chains 5:35 Teacher Teacher – Rockpile 5:50 Let’s Stay Together – Rev. Al Green 6:37 No Such Thing – John Mayer 6:50 Is It Any Wonder? – Keane 7:20 Eileen – Keith Richards 7:50 Human – the Killers 8:35 The Ocean – Led...
Thursday morning Jamie broke the over-looked AP story printed weeks ago proving that Governor Nixon told the National Guard to stand down in Ferguson on Novemebr 24th, 2015. Hear what Lt. Governor Peter Kinder has to say on the matter:
The Today Show goes a looooong way to set-up/make it seem like Hillary is a comedian. This may be the worst impression, ever:
At least NBC covered and cbs ignored the planned tax on 529 plans...
Tom Brady (Patriots-QB) Addressed “#DeflateGate”… “This isn’t ISIS, no one is dying” ... true that?
Bumbling Harry Reid Can’t Read (no pun int) b/c of a “freak accident over the holidays” that left him with an eye patch… [surprises me his reading is only hindered by his sight]:
A 14 year old boy (or a 25 year old with a 14 year old's sense of humor) at Deadspin made a supercut of Tom Brady Talking About Balls: CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO
Yesterday: Gas promptly increased by 30 cents on the gallon just a few hours later. But fear not... Steve says it's suppose to go down again today!
National Anthem - US Navy Band 5:20 Dreaming – Smallpools 5:35 Once In A Lifetime - Talking Heads 5:50 No Tell – Smoke & Jackal 6:37 Back in the High Life Again – Steve Winwood 6:50 Wanted Dead or Alive – The Slackers 7:20 Interstate Love Song – Stone Temple Pilots 7:50...