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After the StLPD declared a woman's claims as a "hate crime," listener Emir was skeptical. It turns out he was right and the woman has been charged with filing a false report. Hear Emir's call from last Monday.
MSNBC's Ari Melber Downplays the role of Islam in Sydney & his guest, Jim Cavanaugh, agrees. Then David Rothkopf of Foreign Policy magazine on Morning Joe with Mika goes the other way.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren told NPR's Steve Inskeep she is not running for president four times. But does she believe it?
The Sony hacking story took a weird turn when rumours of North Korea's unhappiness about the James Franco / Seth Rogan film "The Interview" came to light. Is this scene why?
The Star Spangled Banner – Ricochet 5:20 White Christmas – Keely Smith Old Black Magic – Keely Smith & Louis Prima 5:35 Good Morning Blues – Count Basie 5:50 Spiraling – Keane 6:20 Mistletoe and Holly – Frank Sinatra 6:50 Cool Yule – Louis Prima Cool Yule 2011 - Louis...
Jimmy Fallon on how long it takes for Joe Biden to do something weird... Biden adding new content to the segment... EVERY time he goes out in public...
St. Louis native, Clayton Jones is the lead singer of the group The Madison Letter. This song was written in response to unrest in Ferguson and New York.
It's sad when we get this excited about balanced reporting but the fact the CBS took on the task of reporting on a Second A mendment poll is something to applaud!