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Beyonce - Jay Z, pornstars, and Piers... Today's Music : Anthem – US Navy Band 522 You Ought to Be with Me – Rev. Al Green 535 Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon 550 Maria – West Side Story 622 You Make Me Feel So Young – Frank Sinatra 650 Sleeping with a Broken Heart – Alicia Keys 725...
Act of Valor. Used real navy seals in production... director producer editor Scott Waugh joining us Thursday… new film… need for speed… son of Spiderman stuntman Freddie Waugh died while Scott filmed need for speed...
TV Star Chris Matthews seemingly is used to doing do overs: CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
The Fix… what do you call the reportress? But story features Beyoncé as the "you say it girl" girl: IRONIC? Beyoncé’s husband and his hit song "bitches and sisters":
Another big fat Obamacare liar… this redneck from Texas all a fluster over his lung loss and no insurance liar… 100 k in hospital bills... liar… should have seen his navigator:
Obama funny or die thing made me laugh out loud Zach Galifianakis ‘Between Two Ferns"... ) Reporters grill Carney and say the funny or die thing was not dignified? Carney has a good answer:
Chelsea Handler just owns Piers CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO Piers Morgan finally does something interesting… interviews a porn star claiming she’s in porn in order to make money for tuition… for Duke… parents must be proud... says porn was empowering:
Rand Paul's reaction to Ted Cruz foreign policy confusion, Carney's still an ass & more... Today's Music : Anthem – Charles Glenn 522 Giant – Bear Hands 535 All That Heaven Will Allow – Bruce Springsteen 550 Brooklyn is Burning – Head Automatica 622 Brain Stew – Green Day...
Jamie chats with esteemed Cardinal's pitcher Jason Motte. How's his arm and how's he helping the kids?