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If you weren't offended before you will be now. A video playing at the 9/11 museum is not being sensative enough to the Muslim religion... that has to be a joke right... unfortunately... no: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Christie’s marijuana comments: He said it…Greg Gutfeld on Christies marijuana comments:
The fact that Bundy has proven himself to be an ignorant racist doesn't change a single thing about the situation in Nevada. Government overreach is government overreach. None-the-less here's the video of Bundy:
Joan Rivers is asked by the Cleveland kidnapping victims to apologize for the following "joke". She said... nah. Visit for breaking news , world news , and news about the economy NBC's Today Show felt they should take on the bit of "housekeeping":
ABC supporting a Detroit high school studunt who claims the University of Michigan will pay the consequences if they do not accept him because he is black... Today's Music : Anthem – US Marine Band 522 I Thought you Knew – Jah C & Jaison Spain ft. Sleepwalkas 535 Sprawl II...
Senator Talent chimes in on Russia, the Bundy Ranch, and even baseball!
This on how folks have forgotten about the Herman Cain train!