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McCain on needing boots on the ground in Yemen w/ Bob Schiffer on Face the Nation
Lance Armstrong with BBC's Dan Roan on Doping: ‘I’d Probably Cheat Again’
CBS News' Scott Pelley w/ John Boehner | “Must have been hard to sit behind prez in SOTU, DO YOU PRACTICE THAT SCOWL?…” “No… it’s the President's night i sit there and try to make no news.”
We think Christie did a bang-up-job speaking in Iowa over the weekend. Sure, his New Jersey roots will always be there but can we really hate the guy for that? Hear what Jay and Jamie have to say about it:
National Anthem - Ricochet 5:20 Weed Party – Band of Horses 5:35 The Ocean – Led Zeppelin 5:50 Buzzcut Season – Lorde 6:20 Crawl – Kings of Leon 6:37 Every Other Freckle – alt-J 6:50 Fall in Love – Phantogram 7:20 Dissolve Me – Alt-J 7:50 One Month Off – Bloc Party 8:20 Life...
Judge Jeanine Pirro is coming to St. Louis! This Thursday, January 29th, the Judge will be speaking at the Educational Policy Conference on the importance of understanding Sharia Law. Hear her interview below:
Funny, he didn't mention the first responders that will risk their lives to save the ding-dongs stuck in piles of snow. CLICK HERE to see video
Chris Christie in Iowa...ultra conservative Stephen King invited him... He points out he must not be too liberal for Iowa if they keep inviting him back. He may have a better shot at the GOP candidacy than Jeb or Romney; he has a fresh face/name and tends to reach across the...