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On This Week With George Stephanopoulos Sunday morning, Newt Gingrich decried the "new fascism" that forced people out of their jobs for having conservative beliefs — the most recent example being former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, who stepped down last week after public outrage...
ABC gleefully supporting the attacks on Eich complete with video of God hates fags protests by Westboro Baptist church of which Eich had no part. OK cupid blocked Mozilla users from participating. ABC cheered it:
Infuriating Nancy Pelosi interviewed by Candy Crowley... just two examples of her dismissiveness regarding real info. First with the comment by Robert Gibbs about the business mandate not ever going into effect:
The Week That Was! Today's Music : Anthem – the Band Perry 522 Is It Any Wonder – Keane 535 I Shiver – Robert Cray 550 Chick a Boom Boom Boom – Mocean Worker 622 Babel – Mumford & Sons 650 How Soon is Now (Live) – Moressey 725 Ocean Breathes Salty – Modest Mouse 750 Love...
Opening Bell's Maria Bartiromo with almost dead on unemployment numbers!
A unique persepective from Jim Carafano on the Fort Hood shooting.
Senator goes to wrong hearing... republican Dan Coats:
Chicago reporter Jay Levine gets into a fight after protester interrupts live report. Protester said Obama a war criminal: