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Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with Jamie’s interview with Rob Rains on the Cards, Blues & Rams (& home plate collisions). Also, Jamie tricks Tricia about Christmas music. Plus today’s music. Anthem – Ricochet 520 A Song & A Christmas Tree – Andy...
Miss the show? Check out Jamie's take on the Chinese landing on the moon, Al Gore's prediction of global warming and startling news on Jack the Ripper. Share your comments with Jamie below!
George Will on Retroactive Coverage: CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!
SNL on Obama/Mandela bad luck: Share your comments with Jamie below!
Peter O'Toole Lion in Winter... The Stuntman: 1980 Share your comments with Jamie below!
Didn’t hear much about shooting...and guns?...No wonder...the shooter was apparently a fire breathing libnut...which of course didn’t lead to violence…it just led to media not talking about it much. CLICK HERE Share your comments with Jamie below!
Great convo with Jonathan Karl and Robert Reich...and Newt Gingrich…notice how Reich’s answer to increase poverty under Obama is it’s the Republican’s fault for not just expanding gov’t...which is not the solution as evidence by expansionists running cities where poverty is...
Christmas Bloopers As with most video shoots, sometimes things don't go exactly to plan. And usually, that can turn into the most entertaining content of the whole process. Allman Xmas-Outtakes
The week that was cold! Today's Music : Anthem – the Fray 520 Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Lou Rawls 537 Underneath the Sycamore – Death Cab for Cutie 550 Hell Alright – De Phazz 622 Love Train – the O’Jays 650 Cool Yule – Louis Armstrong 722 Waiting for My Real Life to Begin –...