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The Lightning Round. Little ole' Bobby Jindel, Newt and more! Share your comments with Jamie below!
Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with Jamie’s interview with Stacy Washington about the "no, no-kill" pet shelter and how "extreme" the founders were.
You know those birthers are so terrible…those tea party birther people against Obama...that is until they are overfed beasts on CNN and the target is a Republican...I get it now. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Jindal...let’s stop talking impeachment....and one really is and even protesters are making just a point...hate to see good conservatives playing off of straw men.. Share your thoughts with Jamie below!
War on women…How about the Huffington post and it gleefully reporting on not one but two murders with a piano soundtrack and a chick sounding like she's peddling Share your comments with Jamie below!
Sandra Smith from FOX business talked to Jamie over the weekend and is excited to return this week . Where has she been ? Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Sandra's beautiful baby girl Cora Belle!
I guess even when some people are not bored they still shoot people...they were playing dice...and law enforcement says such a "cluster" shooting is so bad...and it’s an "illegal" game of dice. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Another week has come and gone. Enjoy the best of's from the show this week and have a happy and safe weekend! Music From Today's Show Anthem – The Fray 522 Best Day of My Life – American Authors 537 I’ll Meet You There – Owl City 550 Living Proof – Bruce Springsteen 637 No Tell...
Why common sense conservative like Rand Paul support defunding Obamacare and the gun nuts are out in force after the shooting in Oklahoma. Enjoy. Share your comments with Jamie below!