Allman's Electric Stove

A news conference in order for the more corrupt like Reid.... and other who have done more damage to public will than Budd Dwyer ever would... too bad he wasn’t an FBI informant:
Only a Democrat could use the admired and revered NASCAR model as a negative in attacking conservative fundraisers. Harry Reid... wow... on how republicans are for sale...start of what I told you would he happening: (added bonus: theres more evidence of corruption against Reid...
UConns Shabazzz Napier whines about not having enough money for food… after his scholarship:
Michigan State's Tom Izzo forced to answer the uncomfortable questions from the team of Obama whores at the Huffington post... who can’t talk about the final four without referring to their one black friend:
The esteemed George Will joins Jamie to discuss baseball and basket cases!
What about the dogs!??!??!? Today's Music : Anthem – Ricochet 522 Sweet Disposition – the Temper Trap 535 Mr. Saxobeat – Alexandra Stan 550 After Midnight – Blink 182 622 Goin’ Up the Country – Canned Heat 650 Pandajero - Cantoma 725 I Will Follow – U2 750 Want Me Too – Charlie...
Innovative republican commercial for once... involving good Obama voice impersonator… for Jack Kingston running for senate in Georgia:
Jeb Bush with a very reasonable view of illegal immigration... brought to you originally by Rand Paul:
This Kentucky? No… wait for that… this is a southern California Santa Barbara UC party run amuck: