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Jamie chats with Jay Stewart, The Grey Falcon , about the Huffington Post story pushing for increase in minimum wage. Share your comments with Jamie below!
Did you miss part of the show today? Catch up with Jamie’s interview with Jim Hoft talking Coptic Christians, Stop & Frisk and the Million Muslim March. Share your comments with Jamie below!
When I first saw this I thought it was college tv with some bimbette mumbling her way through an interview...Then i find its CNN!!! Interviewing Editor Margaret Sullivan…I’m sorry…interviewing is wrong word...kissing ass... Share your comments with Jamie below!
Jeanine oughta know...(on Mideast and Obama) Share your comments with Jamie below!
Another Huff Post Moron analyzes it this way: economy is dependent on wage increases instead of lower taxation, econ freedom for businesses that hire people and he forgets that lower to middle wage earners are being hurt by Obamacare…surely the HuffPost has a better analyst...
Chuck Todd plays unpaid political why is he worried about her fortunes so much? There’s no question Clintons run the media. Visit for breaking news , world news , and news about the economy Share your comments with Jamie below!
Hillary screams Whats she crying about? Oh, she had to stand next to mourners. If her weepiness was to be believed...then what difference does it make does matter...because it makes a big diferences to victims confronted with her inconguities and seeming falshoods..she explodes...
Overpasses For Obama's Impeachment, Two Patriots Arrested Jamie interviews Duane Weed (guy in the yellow shirt) who was arrested and held for 24 hours for refusing the leave when the police, "requested" he do so. Share your comments with Jamie below!