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We see that at least one guy is not afraid of the Westboro Baptist church:
We see people are mighty afraid of screaming babies that pop out of carriages:
We see Detroit blacks have a hearty respect for Martin Luther King Day.... Fox 2 News Headlines
As the Bengahzi scandle continues to unravel Pam Geller and Jamie discuss new details. Today's Music : Anthem – Ricochet 520 Between Love & Hate – the Strokes 537 Allentown – Billy Joel 550 Breathe - Telepopmusik 622 Shattered – Rolling Stones 650 Never Say Never – Romeo...
To see the "Split History" books Jamie bought for his son CLICK HERE .
Leno on American Hustle... attacks on Obamacare and more... Leno great position to go somewhere else:
Jeez did these people ever hear of take home? Power to the chef: CLICK HERE
It’s no wonder the Brits colonized Africa . They had ancestors of President Obama around. Yeah... the same guy who in 2014 will say he doesn’t that bothersome thing known by those stupid errant Founding fathers as "legislation" to get something done. Why, he even has a phone to...