Allman's Electric Stove

Jamie and Todd break down the fiesta fiasco and more! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE TODD STARNES EVENT!
Clippers, clippers, clippers, ALSO tornados... Today's Music : Anthem – Charles Glenn 522 Apartment – Young the Giant 535 Jesus Just Left Chicago – ZZ Top 550 Long Distance Runaround – Yes 622 Ottoman – Vampire WeekendHell 650 My Doorbell – the White Stripes 725 Taxi Cab –...
Interested in this service? Joseph Miller, policy researcher at the Show Me Institute, explains Lyft... what do you think?
Doc Rivers handling it well: CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO
Shame Tony Blair has to do this but he schools an American reporter on the reality of who is responsible for Jihad: (4:02)
Huffington Post says it was Simon who was arrested… but both were… all headlines say Simon was arrested… but Edie was too... in fact she apparently was the aggressor… whatever:
Anti bullying ad on VH1 is catchy... as in revenge of the nerds... nerds today… bosses tomorrow… but insinuates the revenge will be in the form of unfair treatment... when in actuality it’s just true… brains are money: